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From June 23 to 25 

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The Canada Cup East 2023 will be held in Laval

at Lévis-Paquette Park

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Honorary President 


Jeannot Robitaille



A look back at the career of a Quebec archery great who also has two appearances at the World Championships and one at the Pan American Games.

"I had fun doing archery," recalls the man who made his competitive debut in 1988, when he was in his early thirties. “When I started, my goal was to see how far I could go in archery. The only competition where all the strongest are there is the Olympic Games. »

To achieve this goal, Jeannot Robitaille began by wanting to be the best at his club, where he met the man who was to become his mentor, Paul Fontaine.

Barely four years later, Robitaille represented Canada at the Barcelona Olympics.
Olympic baptism
Diminished by serous otitis on his arrival in Catalonia, the archer finished 71st out of 74 participants in his first Olympic Games.

The athlete went into overdrive and it was better prepared and healthy that he showed up in Atlanta, four years later, to sign the best Canadian performance, a 38th place.

Jeannot Robitaille retired from high-level competition following a shoulder injury that developed after a fall while cycling in 1996. He continued to be precise, however, as evidenced by his world record of 298 points , performed in July 2003 in Quebec, in the individual event 90 meters outside (36 arrows), recurve bow, in the masters category.

Technology at the service of sport
If there is a tool that Jeannot Robitaille would have liked to have at his disposal during his career, it is the LABOTAQ*.



  This is a high-speed camera system that is paired with electronic ground pressure plates and sensory sensors to record the parameters of the athlete in action. “I participated in the first tests of the device and I am impressed! reveals the Olympian.

We are far from the trial and error of the 1990s to try to reproduce sensations with each arrow shot!

One thing will not change despite the technology according to him: “You are all alone with yourself. My big strength was my concentration. »

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